About Us

  • Company started in May 2016.
  • Registered & Trademarked Brand.
  • Fully compliant with UK and EU laws (TPD - Tobacco Products Directive).
  • Only using premium ingredients sourced within the UK, EU and USA.
  • Approved Flavourings specifically created for use in e liquids.
  • Located in Blackpool, Lancashire, England.
  • We're not cheap! It's just other companies are overpriced.

Nimbus E Liquid (also known as Nimbus Cloud Chaser E Liquid) was setup in May 2016 with the sole intention of providing consumers with premium quality e liquids at affordable and realistic prices. We currently offer about 25 to 30 flavours, but our range is increasing regularly and we aim to eventually offer somewhere in the region of 100 flavours.

100% of the ingredients we use are sourced within the UK, EU and USA. We only use premium grade ingredients of the highest quality and our Approved Flavourings are specifically manufactured for use in e liquids - we don't use food flavourings.

We're a small family run business employing local people, we have less than 10 members of staff and we're located in Blackpool (Lancashire, England). We don't have a high street shop as we're an online only retailer and wholesaler. Our factory is a modern build property with designated and hygenic mixing facilities to ensure the safety of our products.

Some people ask us "why/how so cheap", the answer is simple - our liquids cost the same to make as the vast majority of other liquids. It's not really a case of us being cheap, it's more a case of other companies are quite simply charging far too much. We make enough profit as it is, some other companies want to make more from the same thing and they get away with it as some buyers think they get a better liquid if they pay more.


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