Concentrated Flavouring

Concentrated Flavouring

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Extra Strong Concentrated E Liquid Flavouring 

Does not contain Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, Acetoin. 

This is highly concentrated flavouring and must never be used undiluted. 

Available in sizes 1 Litre and 5 Litres. For larger orders please contact us

Questions & Answers

Is this really of high concentration?
Yes. As far as we know it's simply not possible to get a higher level of concentration than this. Some other sellers add dilution to increase their profit margins, but we choose to aim for repeat custom by offering the best possible level of concentration.

Does it smell like the flavour name?
Not always. This is due to the concentration level being very high. The aroma/taste comes through after steeping.

How much should I use?
Recommended starting dosage is 15% and then adjust up/down according to personal tastes. Some of the lighter flavours may need a higher percentage, but for the more intense flavours you might find just 5% is enough. It basically comes down to personal tastes, there's no "one size fits all" percentage.

How long should my mixture be steeped?
After mixing we recommend you steep for at least 7 days, the longer the better. Whilst you'll get some flavour from using the mixture straight away you will almost always find it's a better/stronger taste after proper steeping. It's not unusual for steeping time to be as long as 60+ days.

What does "steeping" mean?
Steeping is sort of the same as "brewing". It basically means leaving the finished mix to blend for a while, allowing all of your ingredients to bind together. After mixing we recommend you steep for at least 7 days, the longer the better.

What is 'Heisenberg' flavour?
There's quite a few different types of Heisenberg in a range of flavour variations.
The one we sell is commonly described as "mixed berries with a hint of mint". It has a fruity aniseed menthol taste. It is not blue.

Long shelf life?
Yes, a minimum of 18 months from date of purchase.